Sportswear manufacturer with 16 years experience who has served more than 3000 Clubs, Schools and Groups

About Healy

Healy is a professional sportswear manufacturer with fully integrate business solutions from products designsample development,sales, production,shipment, logistic services as well as the flexible customized businessdevelopment over 16 years.

We have worked with all kinds of top professional clubs from Europe, America, Australia,Mideast with our fullyintegrate business solutions which help our business partners always access to the most innovative and leadingindustrial products which give them a great advantage over their competitions.
16+ Years Sportswear OEM&ODM service
8000+㎡ environmental protection workshop
10+ professional designers 30+ sales 10 mins quotation
Service over 3000 Clubs, Schools and Groups.
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The founder of Healy
Founder's Message

At Healy, Our vision is deliciated to be the most innovative sportswear services provider, So, If you are looking for a Professional Sportswear Manufacture over 16vears in the business we believe when we have a team with fully willing supportive spirits and altruism We are a much better and stronger team over our competitions.

--Zip Lin  
Our vision  is delicated to be the most innovative sportswear services provider. 

We know the importance of creating the great innovative products, and we also believe that a better & efficient business solutions would give our business partner a much better advange over their competition, which gives a lot more values to our business partners for a very competitve business.
Manufacturing quality
Healy sportswear has grown up into a factory with over 200 employees, covering 8000 square meters, andmonthly output reaches 200.000 pieces.

our owned products development and production teams working under the same roof, Over 200 Staffs at Healy can make sure all of our productions worked with the highest quality, accuracy and efficiency, And we all know for these days, Quality, Accuracy and Efficiency is the key foundation for a better business.
Provide high-quality jersey fabrics and accessories to ensure the comfort, quality, and durability of jerseys.
Provides unique design styles and personalized jersey design services to help customers achieve their desire to customize their jerseys.
With advanced production lines and process technology, to ensure efficient production and accurate quality control.
With experienced jersey production personnel and technical personnel, we can provide high-quality jersey production and customization services.
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Provide high-quality customer service, including rapid response, timely delivery, and flexible after-sales service to meet customer needs and expectations.
Establish a stable and reliable supply chain management system to ensure timely delivery and rapid delivery.
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What we can do for you?
You can customize everything - design, colors, logos, numbers and texts. For designs not possible to create on the 3D Design, we also offer a special design service.Besides soccer jerseys, we also basketball, baseball,sports, running,hockey, esports, and handball jerseys. We're here to help. Whether questions about the material or lead time, you can also send us an online inquiry. If you'd like to create a special design, our Design Team can help you further.
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