Healy is a professional sportswear manufacturer
Healy sportswear have worked with over 3000 sports clubs, schools, organizations with our flexible customized businesssolutions.With a rich history spanning over 16 years, our expertise spans from initial product design and sample development to sales, production, shipment, and logistics services. Our commitment to excellence has propelled us to become a thriving factory, employing over 200 dedicated professionals and occupying an expansive 8000 square meters. Demonstrating our manufacturing prowess, our monthly output consistently achieves an impressive 200,000 pieces.
1、One-stop solution for sportswear

With 16+ years in the sportswear industry, we've crafted numerous successful business cases. Whether creating a unique teamwear brand or launching a bespoke sportswear business, our extensive experience provides tailored solutions for your challenges. Contact our professional account manager to collaboratively build a comprehensive plan.we believe a better understanding and communication is better foundation for business development.

2、Products Design and Development
Base on the business plan, With our in house professional design and production team, We can manege to provider the proper products designs and products development Together. 
3、Industrial Leading Productions
Keep working with all kinds of top professional clubs around the world over a decade, giving us the great experiences and knowledge to provider the industrial's leading products, and it's the huge honor for us to create some of the greatest masterpiece of all time with our business partners.  Also, With our owned products development and production teams working under the same roof, Over 200 Staffs at Healy can make sure all of our productions worked with the highest quality, accuracy and efficiency, And we all know for these days, Quality, Accuracy and Efficiency is the key foundation for a better business. 
4、Flexible and Innovative business solutions
We are the very first group of sportswear manufacture in the world that start to adopt a flexible ordering and productions solutions over a decade ago, which is really a great challenges for the first beginning, but after we work through those dark hard period, we can see the great advange of a no-minimal order solutions for our business partners. Going forward, We did worked out more and more creative and super efficient business solutions that base on our business partne's special requests which give them a much bigger advange over their competition. 
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