Do you also offer kids products and what are your kids sizes?
Most of our products are also available for kids. You can find them in the product overview of the respective sport or bundled under this link. You choose the sizes in the order process according to age (6 years, 8 years etc.). If you feel more comfortable with sizes, you can either look them up in the size chart on the product detail page or you can find them here:
6 yrs 116 cm
8 yrs 128 cm
10 yrs 140 cm
12 yrs 152 cm
14 yrs 164 cm
How long is the delivery time?
Our delivery time is 12 working days. Immediately after your order, we will send you the estimated delivery date, which may be postponed due to public holidays, shipping delays or similar.
Is there a minimum purchase quantity?
No! We believe in the magic of individualized sports articles and therefore want to make them available to all athletes - even if they only need one copy. However, as a group or team, you can benefit from our attractive graduated prices if you purchase a larger quantity.
How can I pay and what is "prepayment"?
We offer the most common payment methods (PayPal, Credit Card,TT,Western Union,Money Gram,Escrow,Apple Pay), so you should have no problems with the payment. A few hours after placing your order, you will receive an invoice from us by email, which you can then pay in advance by bank transfer. Important: Since the products are individualized and there are therefore no regular return options, we only start production after receipt of payment!
How long does the print last?
With other textile printing methods (such as transfer printing), the colours are printed onto the fabric, whereas with sublimation printing the colours become part of the fibres. Because the print does not wash out, does not wrinkle and does not become brittle or broken, sublimated sporting goods are easier to care for. The bottom line is that sublimated products are more durable and you can enjoy your sports goods for longer.
Do I sweat more in sublimated jerseys?
No! In fact, the opposite is true: since the high-quality functional fibres are not glued together by advertising spaces, the fabric is more breathable and makes you sweat less.
Business Plan Development
Since we already in the Sportswear business over 16 years, We have been developed all kinds of sucessful business cases, No matter you want to create a very unique teamwear brand, or develop a special bespok sportswear business, We do have all kinds of experiences and solutions ready to take on your challenges.
Products Design and Development
Base on the business plan, With our in house professional design and production team, We can manege to provider the proper products designs and products development Together.
Industrial Leading Productions
Keep working with all kinds of top professional clubs around the world over a decade, giving us the great experiences and knowledge to provider the industrial's leading products, and it's the huge honor for us to create some of the greatest masterpiece of all time with our business partners.
Flexible and Innovative business solutions
We are the very first group of sportswear manufacture in the world that start to adopt a flexible ordering and productions solutions over a decade ago, which is really a great challenges for the first beginning, but after we work through those dark hard period, we can see the great advange of a no-minimal order solutions for our business partners.
About Healy
We have been worked with all kinds of top professional clubs from Europe, America, Australia, Mideast with our fully interage business solutions which help our business partners always access to the most innovative and leading industrial products which give them a great advange over their competitions. We have been worked with over 3000 sports clubs, schools , orgnzations with our flexible customize business solutions.
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