Product Samples
You can request one or more samples on consignment for try the sizes and evaluate the product quality,If an order is placed within 10 days of receiving the sample, free or discounted samples can be obtained.

We offer a free service where you can request one or more test samples to evaluate the quality of our products and to have a more precise reference in the choice of sizes.

Tell us the model you are interested in and possibly one or more preferred sizes. The graphics on the product will be random or neutral depending on stock availability.

Healy offer comprehensive OEM&ODM custom sportswear services,  we can make perfect works for you. But we still have to charge the sample price.If you place an order before a specific date after receiving the sample, you may be eligible for free samples or discounts.
* PLEASE NOTE: A generic sample with random or neutral graphics will be sent to you based on availability in our warehouse. We will notify you if the requested products or sizes are not available.
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